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Ocala Computer Repair makes house calls!

If you live in the Ocala area, I can personally visit your home and repair your computer. My name is Michael Collins and I have over 30 years experience in Information Technology, having worked for ABC Television Network in New York and The Walt Disney Company.

I can provide fast, friendly, personal home computer repair. After repairing your computer I will also clean up your personal computer's temporary files and unwanted programs to restore your computer to its optimal performance.

I have worked with all of the Windows operating systems since the beginning of Microsoft Windows and I am accomplished in both hardware and software support. I can also configure and troubleshoot home wireless networks. You can view my professional profile on LinkedIn by clicking the button on the right.

I am also a partially disabled veteran having served in the active Army for 3 years (74-77) and 8 years in the Army Reserves. I attained the rank of Staff Sergeant as an Intelligence Analyst and was awarded the Army Humanitarian Award and the Army Achievement Medal in the early eighties.

In-home computer services and repair provides...

  • Computer Repair - Whether it's a computer hardware problem, a computer upgrade, additional computer devices, or upgrading out of date or corrupted drivers, your home computer will be repaired promptly.
  • Removal of Adware/Spyware - The internet is not a friendly place. Many websites install programs on your computer to track your surfing activity or to direct you to their websites. This Spyware or Adware may greatly slow your computer down. In some cases it will even disable your computer. These malware programs will be found and destroyed and your computer will be restored to it's full potential.
  • Removal of Viruses - Viruses not only can disrupt your browsing but they can do great harm to your computer and your privacy. Some virus can actually destroy your documents, pictures and music or even your computer's operating system. Others can collect your personal information and relay it to someone with criminal intent anywhere in the world. These viruses will be removed from your computer and your files will be recovered if possible. If necessary your operating system can be reinstalled.
  • Installation of Anit-Virus Software - Installation of Anti-Virus software is a necessity these days. If you do not have a current subscription to a common Anti-Virus software program like Norton or McAfee the latest Anti-Virus program from Microsoft, named Microfoft Security Essentials, can be installed and its cost is absolutely free. Microsoft Security Essentials will protect your system from most viruses and other malicious programs like adware and spyware.
  • Removal of all "junk" - Many files are created on you computer over time by program installations, updates, and browsing the internet. These files are not always cleaned up by your computer and in time take up alot of space on your hard drive. We'll find and delete these unnecessary files, freeing up more space on your computer.
  • Removal of all unnecessary programs, toolbars, and ad-ons - Toolbars and add-ons can greatly slow down your internet browser. Unnecessary programs will be found and uninstalled freeing up more memory and space on your computer. Browser toolbars, and add-ons, will be removed, speeding up your internet browser.
  • Installation of latest updates - Microsoft releases periodic updates to ensure your Windows system is protected from security vulnerabilities and to ensure your system's programs are at the current release. All Microsoft updates will be downloaded and installed.
  • Recommendations for Upgrades - I'll thoroughly examine your computer and make recommendations for hardware upgrades when warranted.
  • Defragmentation - After all work is done on your computer the hard drive will be defragmented to improve its response time.

I want to support your home computing needs! I can provide installation, troubleshooting and upgrades for your hardware, software and networking. I can also custom build workstations and servers as well as provide complete backup solutions.

House Call Rates:

First 1 1/2 hrs - $50
Up to 2 1/2 hrs - $75
Up to 3 1/2 hrs - $100
Up to each additional hour $25 more.

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